Meet MOPS Monday: Sara Zernechel

Excited to introduce you to more MOPS moms starting with Sara Zernechel, Care Group Leader

Spouse: Doug Zernechel, they will be married 8years on December 3rd
Children:  Caleb 3, Emma 6, Zach 10
1.  The theme for 2013-2014 is "A Beautiful Mess" what does that mean to you?  A messy area that we live in but are still happy being there
2. What do you eat typically for breakfast?  A breakfast sandwich
3. Favorite movie?  Dirty Dancing
4. Favorite thing/things about MOPS: My favorite thing about MOPS is getting together with other moms/having a time without children - oh and food
5. Finish this sentence: As a mom I never thought I'd say....because I said so!
6. Best advice you have received: Best advice I read somewhere is "let your kids be who they are and not who you want them to be"
7. Tune that makes you dance every time you hear it:  Burnin Love by Elvis- we had that song played during our wedding
8. Will you leave the house without makeup?  NO!!
9. What's something you were totally not expecting when it came to motherhood?  How different their personalities would be
10. Candy you stash just for you?  Chocolate
11. Messiest place/room in your house: Kitchen

The Artist's Daughter

Every year MOPS International has a book that corresponds to the theme. The theme this year is "A Beautiful Mess" and the book that goes with this theme is a memoir entitled "The Artist's Daughter." It looks like a delicious read and right now it's a great deal on Amazon for the Kindle.  

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